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SALVATION       I noticed Sam Collins coming up the hill of course, how I could miss him bounding and waving the way he was.  I didn’t see hordes of monsters hot on his heels or anything else similarly … Continue reading

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May I introduce the major players in “The Box”   Pan : 36 years old, five feet nothing, approx. 120lbs Mother to Cora, Melina and Daphne Can be a bit of a curmudgeon at times, endowed with a surplus of … Continue reading

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  “He’s not going to talk now, if only on principle. The soldiers already have the orchard surrounded; have them slow-march toward the center ‘till she is snared.”   “I have considered that; it would take time, and raise inconvenient … Continue reading

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About Me

So I’m taking a big leap of Faith here and assuming you’ve read The Box’s bio and now you’re here reading the story of me,  I feel it only fair to warn you it is far less interesting.  There are … Continue reading

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About “The Box”

When people ask me, “So what is that book you’re writing all about any way?” I like to tell them, in a nut shell it’s about witchcraft, karma and what was really in Pandora’s Box. At this point one of … Continue reading

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