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For those of you been trying to trick or in some cases even coerce me into giving up juicy information about book two here is a small taste, a micro bite if you will. Hope is brave Hope is true Hope is … Continue reading

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Chapter Four

CHAPTER FOUR         We spent a good few hours after that thoroughly picking apart the topic of what we would or would not have done, till Tzumar poked his head in the door asking “Can I come … Continue reading

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three “How?” I breathed still touching my face, experimentally pressing into the skin to feel its elasticity, lowering the mirror I caught sight of him, Iollan, and the corrosive effects of his run in with the holy water, taking … Continue reading

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Chapter Two

Chapter    Two My whole body ached especially my head. The birds were chirping too loudly for so late in the morning and there was a strange smell in the room, an odd combination of mildew and iron that mixed unpleasantly … Continue reading

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Chapter One

IF If a person is still a person no matter how small, Is a virus still a virus no matter how tall? Is a pillow still a pillow no matter how lumpy? Is a person still a person no matter … Continue reading

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