About Me

Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan, author of two novels and several short stories, graduated with honors from Southern New Hampshire University. Laura earned her Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing, with a concentration in screenwriting. Laura excels at completing multiple projects, meeting deadlines, copyediting, re-working scrip, and tutoring.

As a shy, only child Laura Ryan depended heavily on her imaginary friends for companionship. These friends often took the shape of characters from her favorite bedtime stories, Icarus, Antigone, Aphrodite, Hercules, and most of all Pandora. As she grew, Laura developed an interest in folk tales and ancient religions, as well as passion for the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Tolkien, and Shakespeare. These influences, coupled with her acute connection to her Greek heritage on her mother’s side, as well as a rich story telling tradition on her father’s, have prompted Laura write epic tales that challenge long accepted mythologies.

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